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How to keep children safe from electrical danger

Keeping young children safe from the dangers of electricity can be a stressful time. From ensuring that appliances are kept out of reach to ensuring that nothing gets poked into plug sockets, the fear of electrocution of our children is one of the biggest electrical fears that face householders. Avoid electrical DIY As an electrician… Read more »

Electrical Safety Tips for the Home

Many house holders in South Bristol and surrounding areas often call me to ask if there is a problem with their electrical supply. Understandably they are not sure if it is safe to continue to use their electrical appliances at home or if they should call an electrician. Electrical safety in the home is an… Read more »

Electric heaters – are you using them safely?

As an electrician in South Bristol and surrounding areas I am seeing a large increase in the number of households who use portable electric heaters. Used correctly, electric heaters can be a useful source of heating or additional heating for households who might only wish to heat certain rooms in their home. Electric heating comes… Read more »